Supply Chain Management controls the management of materials, information, monetary and financial flows that move along the whole chain, from supplier to manufacturer, passing through the transport and distribution to the end customer. The chain also includes after-sales services and reverse logistics flows, such as recycling and waste disposal or used and exhausted products.

Managing the supply chain can be very complex if you do not know the interlocutors, the risks and the costs of the operations; on the other hand, knowledge of the potential that the chain itself has in itself can lead to solutions for the fast and consistent improvement of all workflows.

SLM Business Consultancy S.R.L. has the right knowledge to be able to handle the supply chain’s best practices by implementing a number of best practices:

  • Analysis of the entire existing supply chain: suppliers, logistics companies, distributors, intermediaries, prices, costs and contracts in place;
  • Analysis, from supplier to customer, of financial flows, money, information, materials and products;
  • Complete analysis of the entire supply chain, by supplier and article, to the point


  • Knowledge of product, information flows and monetary and financial flows;
  • Information on the detail of the cost of each product, from the vendor to the point of sale, passing through all intermediate steps;
  • Reduced costs to stabilize supply chain flows;
  • Intermediation between the partners and the stakeholders of the chain and achieving a common vision, to offer quality products and services to the end customer;
  • Warranty, in the event of a crisis, for quick handling of complaints and recall (recall) across the Supply Chain;
  • Traceability of insured products, from manufacturer to end customer;
  • Partner Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Monitoring across the Supply Chain and sharing results with partners to ensure the best possible service from all the companies involved in the supply chain