Logistics requires the creation and implementation of specific solutions and strategies that can meet the core needs of the entire supply chain.

Customers require an outsourcing and integrated management of logistics services that meet the needs of producers and consumers of products in an ever-growing and speed-driven global market.

SLM Business Consultancy S.R.L. supports companies with strategic logistics services and solutions, making evaluations such as:

  • Cost analysis of each step of the logistics chain, from supplier to point of sale;
  • Analysis of flows, information, monetary and fiscal values among the players in the logistics chain;
  • Analysis of logistics service providers (transporters, warehouses, logistics companies, couriers, distributors, importers, carriers, freight forwarders) and their existing contracts.


  • Knowledge of logistical costs of all stages of the supply chain and product passages between supplier, manufacturer, distribution center, distribution platforms and point of sale;
  • Creating flexible business solutions to optimize time and cost;
  • Guaranteeing the availability of resources (means, warehouses, people, materials) needed to maintain working standards and respond quickly when extra need arises;
  • Design of distribution points, even dislocated, for an optimal delivery of products on national and international territory;
  • Logistics development in all its parts (from 1PL to 4PL), so as to have a broad spectrum of work solutions;
  • Optimize customer business processes and adopt a 4PL logistics model: Implement a partnership with that logistic service provider that can ensure the integration of all chain steps into a one-stop-shop solution;
  • Reduction of the administrative-bureaucratic part of the client’s business, enabling all the resources employed to focus on core business, sales point management, and customer service;
  • Support and audit with logistic partners audits: certifications, procedures and best practices, services, warehouse management, vehicles with specific customer requirements, crisis and unexpected management, investment in vehicles and warehouses.


Reverse logistics moves back the products returned and those at the end of the life cycle, from the final destination to the initial producer or to those who can deal with their recovery, disposal or recycling, so that the products themselves can be reused and therefore not landfill. Nowadays, the complexity of the distribution chain needs to pay the same attention to returns as much as selling products: if these can be reused, it is necessary to be able to derive maximum value from their reintroduction into the market. If products, however, have finished their life cycle, it is necessary to find an environmentally friendly and efficient way to dispose of them.

Companies benefit from return logistics: Proper disposal and disposal management can lead to new business opportunities while at the same time ensuring production processes in line with environmental eco-sustainability and in compliance with the relevant laws. SLM supports companies in the search for specialists in reverse logistics processes to ensure a correct and efficient product reconditioning, resulting in a reduction in environmental impact and a significant reduction in costs. Our solutions provide full management of returns and aim to get the most out of selling the exhausted products (such as cartons, oil and packaging) to those who can guarantee proper regeneration.
Services include:

  • Consolidating the return process to the supplier (RTV)
  • Re-entry into the product market
  • Recycling and recovery of resources used
  • New resource management